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Popcorn Poppin on the Apricot Tree

Welcome to Popcorn Poppin on the Apricot Tree

It's 1965 and Annie Peters is just eight years old when her mother is committed full time to a mental health organization. Uprooted by their mother's illness, Annie and her 4 siblings find themselves torn between a Catholic-run orphanage and the final remnants of their shattered home. As tumultuous church and state changes begin to collide with the lure of an escalating pop culture movement, the orphans of St. Vincents are determined to maintain the fierce independence that would forever mark America's early Babyboomer generation.

" I enjoyed Popcorn Poppin on the Apricot Tree very much!  Faith Paulus has a great sense of humor - and a great eye.  A fascinating story......"Sylvia Nasar ~ AUTHOR OF A BEAUTIFUL MIND

'Popcorn'  is “engaging” and is reminiscent of Mary Karr’s The Liars Club “for its ingenuity and flow.” ~ MARK SULLIVAN ASSOCIATES - NEW YORK, NEW YORK

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